Outer Banks Dare Challenge
Developing Change Through Christ

Get Help Now! For Men

How Do I Get Into The Program?
These requirements must be fulfilled prior to entrance into Dare Challenge:

1.    Males, 18 years and older with a drug or alcohol problem; other life-controlling problems (especially addicted to chemicals or other self-abusive behaviors) will be considered.  Any male over 18 years old who is willing to commit to working our discipleship program and is not currently under the influence of mind or mood altering drugs will qualify for admittance.  Persons ineligible for admissions will be referred to other more appropriate resources.
2.    The individual desiring help must have a hone interview with the Director, Dustin Daniels after he has read through the Entrance Requirement and Student Manual to ensure that he qualifies for the program and is willing to adhere to the rules of the program. (For a copy, please download the manual from the link below)
3.    The individual must be free of any and all communicable diseases such as, but not limited to:  TB, staph, influenza and the like.
4.    What does the program cost?

  • $800 entrance fee (non-refundable after admittance)
  • Dare Challenge will help each student to establish a Good Samaritan Fund to help underwrite the cost for the ministry to operate while he is a resident.  (This is not a student fee)
  • Dare Challenge will assist each student in contacting interested parties (family, friends, church, etc.) who may be willing to help by making monthly donations to the Good Samaritan Fund.


5.    While on the waiting list, the individual desiring help must call every Monday to secure his spot on the waiting list.  If we don't hear from him on Mondays, he will either be dropped down a spot or be taken off the list entirely.
6.    Each new student will be on a two week trial basis.  If the student does not adhere to the rules of the program, he will be subject to dismissal.
7.    The student must bring two forms of ID with him.  A Social Security Card is mandatory and either a driver's license or picture ID.  They will be kept in his file.